Vinyl cover design for Sediment Bruise!

3d modeling, visualization and graphic skills were combined, in order to create an artwork that serves the concept of the album…

”This album is all about uncertainties. Periods of our lives that we don’t know what comes next. Kicked-out of our thrones, not knowing what to do. Moments we feel we are nothing but an infinite small spot in a big universe of people and situations, having no control of anything at all.

Actually, this is what IN-BETWEEN is all about.

The gap in space and time between life and death,

the strange gap that emerges between two previously beloved people with no feelings left between them anymore,

the uncertainties that come when forming a family and leaving the security of your so well-programmed life as a single,

the gap between your routine and what is happening in the world around you, that in the end you don’t care about, because you have no time left to do so,

the uncertainty that arises when leaving the child inside you for the sake of becoming a well working machine

and so on…

So many changes, and all of us lost between infinite choices we have to make, helpless and alone.

This is IN-BETWEEN…”